Our Process


Klauscher Architects focuses on providing our clients with a high caliber architecture delivered in the shortest time possible with the most cost-effective and ecologically sound materials available.

We categorize our work into six tiers or phases with each step as necessary as the others.

1. Feasibility Study

Before we start drawing any plans, we spend considerable time in checking whether a client’s preference for a project is feasible. This study includes budget, location, zoning, material and environmental considerations.

2. Programming

Before we lay out the designs, we set criteria on which our clients, architects, and contractors can base the design and evaluate the progress of our construction. Programming includes creating up an understanding of goals, functions of each building element, aesthetic design, requirements, expectations, and schedule.

3. Schematic Design

We would like to call this stage as Initial Design Phase, where our architects draw the preliminary floor plans, with specifications to its functions, elements, and dimensions, and other concerns (i.e., material choices, structural systems, costs, permits, coordination with other contractors and subcontractors).

4. Design Development

We finalize every detail of our design according to revisions requested by the client or recommended by other key players for the development project, such as engineers, suppliers, and contractors.

5. Construction Documentation

It is during this phase where we create detailed drawings of the project, as a requirement for approval from concerned departments, which includes creating comprehensive floor plans for each structure in the system, materials, costing, and requirements.

6. Construction Administration

This phase is the most crucial part of the development project, where we do cyclic site visits during construction to ensure that the contractors impose development plans and design at all times.


Klauscher Architects work hard and smart to provide only the best. Our client gets what they want and more, granted an individual project is feasible. If not, we will provide the most suitable alternative capturing most of our customer’s preferences.