Jeremy Klauscher is a German-American and founder of the Klauscher Architects company.

The Architectural Life of Jeremy Klauscher

Jeremy Klauscher was born in Stuttgart, the capital of the German state Baden-W├╝rttemberg in the forties. He was a post-war baby whose past time as a young boy included watching the reconstruction of infrastructures within the country, from the emergency campsite where he and his mother temporarily lived while his father renovated their home.

He attended the University of Stuttgart in the sixties and worked with an American architect as an apprentice. He was then invited to migrate to the United States for better opportunities and continuing education. He agreed to join his boss a year after. Klauscher decided he needed to master as much German architecture as he possibly could.

The American Migration

His arrival to the United States had helped redefine architecture in the country, particularly in the Eastern states. When he first came, his boss referred him to different clients needing refreshing residential designs, which he delivered with hints of various German architectural inspirations.

Before his superior’s death in the seventies, Klauscher claims to receive a note he once thought was a termination notice. The letter reads, “My child, in case I die, remember you owe me your career. Go and build your own firm under your name, not mine. Just don’t forget to help our fellow architects as I helped you.” So he did.
The sad death of a great architect gave birth to the Klauscher Architects.