Jeremy Klauscher was once a protégé of an American architect who came to Germany years after the war.

Born to German parents in the late forties, the young Jeremy had witnessed renovation of his devastated country. During his attendance at the University of Stuttgart, he was employed by his life mentor as an apprentice. Little did he know that this senior architect was Klauscher’s golden ticket to the United States and the birth of Klauscher Architects.

workChallenge Accepted

When Klauscher launched his architectural firm in the late seventies, it aimed to help people in two ways: young architects in finding more clients and gaining enough training to go international, and customers in creating viable residential, work and commercial spaces.

We were moved by the urgent need for functional yet aesthetically satisfying structures within the community, regardless of project size. While we started small, we’re proud to say we’ve outgrown ourselves in our ways.

Reception to German-Inspired Architecture

Launching Klauscher Architects in the eastern coast of the United States faced some early struggles. Finding first clients under our name used to be a little tricky. Thanks to our returning customers who did not think twice about giving us projects ranging from home development to commercial facilities.

Luckily, we were given the right jobs to build our portfolio. At the same time, Americans accepted the German and European influences in architecture, giving us a better stature in the market.

Jeremy Klauscher has successfully fulfilled his superior’s last wish, to be able to help young architects immerse in the industry and provide clients with exceptional service.

Our Projects, Team, and Culture

frontPeople can view our works throughout the country, especially in the Eastern states where the neoclassical, baroque, and modern German architecture merge with American aesthetics and functionalities. The dynamics between these cultures show vividly in the end results.

As of today, Klauscher Architects consists of more than 50 full-time employees within the country, with a vast network of contractors and subcontractors in all states.

We implement the best policies to realize any design our client’s desire. With feasibility and design development techniques, along with industry expertise, we deliver world-class architecture you can’t see anywhere else.

Should you be interested in hiring our architects for a development project, don’t hesitate. Give us a call or send us an email anytime.